In the middle of March thousands of antiques enthusiasts will come from near and far to invade the small village of Brosarp in Osterlen. Brosarp has a population of only 700 and during this period they will witness their visitors wandering the streets as they make their way to and from the many different locations where the antiques fair is held.  

The growing interest in the Antiques Fair in Brosarp from both exhibitors and visitors alike can be interpreted as an indication that genuine antiques continue to be all the more enticing. The economic crisis appears to even have had an effect on the throwaway mentality. Consumption has been focused on items of sustainable value, that is to say, purchasing also becomes an investment. However, the antique enthusiast does not buy objects primarily for this purpose, but there is security in the knowledge that the purchases that they make to gild their homes have a steadfast or increasing value. To ensure the quality the exhibition is vetted by a committee before the fair opens.

The Antiques Fair in Brosarp has grown from a small local event to one of Sweden’s most written about and cherished fairs. In both the Swedish and foreign antiques trade journals the fair has been named as Sweden’s best antiques fair. Its exclusive profile for furniture and other objects in their original non-restored or changed state is something that generates great interest in the customer, press and foreign visitor. An unwavering policy to maintain this profile has certainly proved successful. Whilst other antiques fairs are drowning in freshly-painted and restored objects, antiques enthusiasts have found that the Antiques Fair in Brosarp gives them the breath of fresh air that truly fulfils their requirements. So now it is time for the twenty-fifth Antiques Fair in Brosarp; the Number One antiques event in Sweden.

The Antiques Fair in Brosarp, being internationally renowned for its high quality, has firmly placed Brosarp on the world map. Brosarp has indeed become the hub for everyone who is interested in genuine and high quality antiques. The fair only focuses on items in their unchanged condition along with pieces of historical and cultural interest. Folk art and artefacts from old rural communities are exhibited alongside grand furnishings and works of contemporary art and design.
In step with the fact that genuine antiques are becoming a rarity on the market, the significance of Brosarp’s fair has established itself as a place where antiques dealers have saved their most unique items for display and where buyers and visitors can be certain to see multitudes of genuine antiques.

This fair not only gives its visitors the perfect chance to purchase something special but also a unique opportunity to learn about the antiques themselves. The exhibiters possess a great deal of knowledge about their goods and they are always very willing to be of service and share this information with their visitors. If one would like to have ones own pieces valued you are most welcome to bring them with you. Often a photograph of the item is sufficient for them to make an initial appraisal.

As usual there will also be conservators and craftsmen to show their various techniques for preserving furniture, paper, textiles and paintings.

It must be said that this is the one event in the world of antiques that should not be missed.
Welcome to the twenty-seventh consecutive Antiques Fair in Brosarp!





20 - 22 March 2020




20 March

FRIDAY 10 - 18

21 March

SATURDAY 10 - 18

22 March

SUNDAY 10 - 16